EMEA Associated Partners

Jean-Franck Badalian

Associated Partner-France

Jean Franck is a well-known Senior executive, with a 360° expertise in the highly competitive consumer goods sector and household appliances.

He is bringing 30+ Years of sales, retail procurement & marketing experience in an environment overloaded with a large number of players and brands, where the race for volume market share often prevails over a strategy of value creation and profitability.

His deep expertise of European Retail network , worldwide industrial footprint / products procurement (Europe, Middle east, China, USA) and Go-to-Market Strategy, would allow partners to benefit from a fast learning curve, particularly in terms of product differentiation, value creation in highly competitive contexts.

In addition, Jean Franck’s long experience & knowledge of the way main players in the retail distribution operate would enable him to contribute to the development of partners distribution strategy and channel management.

Jean Franck in 5 words: Experience, intuition, determination, efficiency, performance.

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